Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barn Beam Ledge Shelves

So here is the post for the barn beam shelves. I originally starting making these for a friend and then heard about the 31 days of hope auction being hosted by the DIY club.
This auction was to help raise money towards breast cancer awareness. I felt I had to partake in this event. I'm sure we all know of someone that has lost the battle with cancer at some point. I know I have. I donated three of these shelves and I am so glad they were able to raise just over $80 towards the cause. I even donated $40 of the shipping charges towards it as well. I wanted to do donate all that I could . So you see, these shelves are actually pretty important.....don't you think?
As always, a plan and some coffee

The basic tools needed
Pre-cut all wood

Thats all the wood for three shelves

Glue, clamp and nail together. Seems like I am trying to Promote Gorilla Glue And Kreg Jig in this pic. Well that's a one time freebie. Next time, they have to pay.

Just another angle of it
And there it is. Notice the burn marks on the end pieces? I switched saw blades to a finishing blade and it burnt the wood. That was a waste of money!

I drilled keyholes in the back for easy mounting

And before you know it, 3 shelves are made!!
After applying Rustoleum stain in Kona shade, I applied wipe-on-poly for a great finish!

Sanded with 220 grit and re-applied poly

Man I take a lot of pictures
So these last pics are of the final product. 2 coats of poly and then hand rubbed for a smooth finish

I love this shot!

So there you have it. The sweat that went into these shelves was definitely worth it. I am so thankful for being able to participate in this amazing event. I hope they do this again, and again, and again. It's one thing to build for myself, but it is completely different, and rewarding,  to know that myself and so many other wonderful and talented DIY'ers were able to help out.....even if it was just a little.

A big thank you to Cheri, Roeshel, Rayan, Sarah, Becky and everyone else that I had the luxury of working with for such an amazing event!


DIY Club


  1. Very nice shelves! Can you tell me who the plans are from (I can't quite make it out in the pic)? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Diana. Got those plans from truly an inspirational woman. Hope you come back again