Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wooden coaster project/giveaway!

I've been dying to make a set of wooden coasters and a holder for a while now. I would love to incorporate an image onto the face of the coasters as well. So here is your chance to win a set of coasters personalized the way you want it. I'm looking for your pictures, art work, logos, etc. To use. So drop us a comment with your suggestion and I will randomly select a winner to recieve this giveaway.
Here's the disclaimer: there is no guarantee this will work since I have never tried it. I would rather attempt it with something real just in case it does come out great.
Rules: follow me on this site (its up on top of the right column)
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Each action will give you one entry. Just post a separate comment for each one. And don't try and lie, I will know if you do.
Also, pictures submitted should be of high resolution.
Thank you. Oh, contest ends January 31st at 11:47 pm. I'll announce the winner some time the following day.
Look forward to all your ideas!


  1. How about coasters with the image of Starry Night painted on it? Love that painting by Van Gogh. Were you looking for color photos or black and white?

  2. I can do either or as long as I have a good picture to work with. So follow the rules above and submit your entry!

  3. Ooh... we can try out some maps! I'm already your FB fan.

  4. I don't 'own' an image to submit, but even numbered coasters would be sweet!

  5. how about some sort of typographical element or saying? i saw one on pinterest that was cool, i will try and track it down! otherwise you could do a very natural kind of irregular shape to them like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/12877548904111810/

  6. i follow you on FB and G+! here there and everywhere!