Friday, June 17, 2011

So the winner is..........

Out door chaise loungers, voted on by you, the people. So that will be our next
 project, well after we acquire some funds first. Thank you all for voting. Keep
 browsing around to see what you want us to build next, 
We will then post another poll for the next project. We would love to hear 
any suggestions on pieces that you might like, we can always attempt them.

So there it is. We will get to work on it shortly. Would love to get some feedback on what colors everyone would like to see it. Bare cedar wood, dark stained, light stained, etc..... just reply here and give us your thoughts. thanks again          Double"D"'s


  1. Damn! I tried to have it all tied by the end of voting. Dawn cheated ( or you did)
    Can I help with them?

  2. If I were to cheat, I would have voted for the island. And yes, you can help