Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starting a much needed workbench

Ok, so I have so many projects that I want to start, so many ideas in my head, but I'm tired of working on the garage floor and using a flimsy folding table to work. So after raiding the wood dumpsters around my new community, I collected a whole bunch of usable wood that I can build some workbenches with. So today I build and hopefully this is the last thing I build on the floor.
I have a 2 car garage and park both cars in it, so it will be a challenge to build something that will have  adequate space on it without taking up too much space in the garage. I'm using a plan that I found on, where else, as a guide for the workbench. Obviously will have to modify it, stay tuned for the build post. Thanks as always for reading


  1. Is it out of the question to work outside?

  2. It all depends on the temp. Right now its still close to 100. Buy in a couple of weeks I can work outside. Why do you ask?

  3. I have a permanent workstation set up on my back patio. I live in the desert, so of course extreme temps come into play, but it sure is convenient when I get a sudden bright idea and want to just jump right in. Anyhow, I was just wonderin'.. Working in the garage doesn't sound fun to me :-p