Thursday, August 25, 2011

The wrong decision

Ok, so last week I was on my way to softball practice. Got all my stuff together and headed out to the car....close door, crap, locked my keys in the, now what do I do.
Well I know now what I should have done...I could have waited for dawn to get home, but then I would have missed practice and sat in the garage for three hours. I could have gotten the ladder and went up to the attic, walked across the attic and dropped down into the guest room hallway inside the house. I could have even cut a hole in the drywall and stuck my hand through and unlocked the door( drywall holes are easy enough to fix) All great ideas! But in a panic decision ( I really wanted to go to softball) I chose to kick my garage door in!   Hence the name of this blog post " THE WRONG DECISION "
I got my keys and left, I would worry about it later.
So later comes and I look at the handywork of my size 11.5 Addidas. Apparently I need a whole new door frame now.......or do I? 

You can see from the following photos, that I chose to cut put the damaged section with a jig saw, cut a piece of 1x3 to fit and then cut it length wise to match the width of the door frame, a few pocket holes with my  Kregg Jig Jr.(cant afford the big one yet) and presto, a new door frame! 
I marked and drilled a hole for the door lock, cut it to size with the jigsaw and then chiseled out to recess the strikers plate.  Filled in holes with silicone and painted.
Re-attached the outer trim and now my door closes. It doesn't look pretty, but it works, and it didn't cost me a penny!


  1. what. an. amazing. fix.

    I would have probably felt defeated and whined as I bought a new one...

  2. luckily! my wimpy li'l legs couldn't kick a door in!

  3. Haha. Thanks. Just wish I could think of something to build instead of fixing something I broke.

  4. I suggest that you change your lock right now. Thanks.

  5. You should have called a professional locksmith to do the job. Thank you very much for sharing.

  6. Wow, you are so intuitive! :) You should get a new job being a locksmith! When I locked myself out of the house (yesterday!), let me tell you, it was a bit of an investment getting back in the house. One that was definitely worth it, but still...!