Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Table with a Secret

Some of you may already be familiar with this coffee table design. It's almost the same one I made for myself a while back. Well this one has a little secret to it. And the secret is.........

Hidden storage! Someone had contacted me via Etsy and asked if I could design a similar table with hidden storage inside. They wanted the top to flip open with, no visible hinges, to allow some storage inside for remote controls and what have you. Also wanted a matching side table to go with it. I won't bore you with the entire build, but you can see the first build HERE. Here are a few highlights of the hidden storage and the matching side table.

 Started with the tabletops and my trusty Kreg Jig

Added Some Gorilla Glue between the boards
Clamped, glued and screwed!

Two tabletops done

Built a box Frame for some inside storage

Box installed in table frame
Table 1 is done.....well sort of
I don't even remember what I was glueing here....but I'm sure it won't budge after using Gorilla Glue
Side table frame completed

Using my bench cookies from Rockler to get my table tops prepped and stained

Continuous hinge added to the top of the frame and the top
Added a locking hinge for the flip-top table top

A magnetic clasp and plate installed

Modified this soft-close hinge for kitchen cabinets and installed 2 on the inside of the storage box. Now the top  closes softly and automatically catches on the magnet. Pretty ingenious, huh?
Lined the bottom of the storage box with cork

And there you have it....what appears to be a normal coffee table, but not so much
I asked my friend to stage the tables for me and she put the smallest bowl she could find on the coffee table.....what the hell?

"My entry into 504 Main's Tickled Pink party sponsored by Appliances Online Bosch Washing Machines"
"My entry into 504 Main’s Tickled Pink party sponsored by Appliances Online Bosch Washing Machines"

Hopefully when these tables get settled into their new home up in NY I can get some updated pictures to share with you. These were custom made for someone, that's why the final staged pictures are so lacking. Hope you all enjoyed reading as always.

Dennis D.
DIY Club


  1. That is amazing. I do believe all of my furniture need that kin d of secret. I seriously think I am going to try this. AWESOME!

    1. Thanks holly. It was definetly a challenge at first, but I think it all worked out in the end

  2. Awesome job, Dennis! I love the hidden storage!

  3. Thanks for linking this up to Tickled Pink...featuring it this weekend!

    1. Are you serious? That's awesome! Thank you so much Holly

  4. Very Creative. Who couldn't use MORE storage

    1. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for stopping by

  5. you cant really have things on top if you always need to open it :(

  6. That really a secret brilliant DIY idea. It looks like a simple side table but wow it has its own purpose. Good job!